Darkness Beneath the Fog
London by Night
Welcome to modern day London, England. But this new London is not the one that we know and love. Rather, this is a London filled with Vampires, Shapeshifters, Magic, and a labour government. In this London, a place beneath the world mortals see exists. A darker place. A world of Darkness.

Garou inhabit what is left of London's parks and reserves. The sewers are filled with ratkin, and the skies are more ofthen than not filled with Corax. Mortal's tales of shapeshifting are becoming more common than ever, and insane asylums are filled to capacity with people who insist that they've seen something, been attacked by something from another world.

The Vampires are in turmoil, in constant war with one another and with everyone else. Everyone. A treaty or ceasefire has not been made in generations, and the kine often pay the price with their lives, or their souls.  The Anarchs and Independents watch the action between the feuding factions with glee, as they barely need to lift a finger and still have run of the city. Some claim that perhaps they run the city more than either the Camarilla
or the Sabbat.

The Numina in London are all part of a huge society, called the X-men (okay, we made that up). Regardless, they are working together for the greater good of humanity. They engage in battle daily to protect the sleepers from the insanity that threatens to overtake the city...a battle which they are sorely losing at the moment.

To sum up, the streets of London are no longer a safe place for children to play, for adults to stroll leisurely, for law enforcement to patrol. So frightening has the city become that law enforcement can't always be counted on to maintain the safety of London's inhabitants. Take head...you are on your own.
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