White Hills Area

This area was bought by the US Army in 1943 to expand the already established Fort Pepperell Army Base. This area was used as a military training area during WWI and later used during WWII. There's 6 ammo bunkers in one area of the hill behind the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Some of these bunkers have been used for various things since the base was closed including a hydroponic farm, and for storage. At least one of them is still being used for storing dangerous chemicals. Theres roads and trails going through out most of the hills and rusted car wrecks everywhere. At the end of one of the trials there is the dump site where the US Air Force buried everything from oil drums, to jeeps to stoves when the base closed in 1961. This area is pretty toxic but cool none the less. From the trail it looks just like a grass covered field but if you look close there's metal and pieces of vehicles sticking out of the ground everywhere. At the back of the field there is a small pond which is filled with old barrels. Right next to the pond there is some bright orange bubbling mud that doesn't look too healthy. Along the edges of the dump you can see some of the cooler things sticking out of the ground. Along the back there are lots more barrels that say "Property of US Army" on them. In one spot you can see the back end of an old Army Jeep sticking out of the ground. There have been lots of other civilian junk dumped there since the 60's but the army stuff was barely burried below the topsoil so it's easy to just pull up the grass and find stuff. If you follow the road behind the RCMP building you come to a big well maintained road that leads up to the Canadian Magnetic Observatory which was building in the 1970's and is still maintained today. Before the observatory there's a fork in the road on right next to that there's a underground 50,000 gallon tank. The entrance hatch to this tank is spot welded shut which could easily be removed if needed. At the bottom of the hill there's lots of foundations from "butler" buildings from the Radar station that was located just of White Hills Road. On the other end of the hill near the ocean there used to be a coastal gun battery similar to the one at Red Cliff, which we haven't found yet. We're not even sure if the thing still exists.

Ammo bunker 1004
bunker with explosives sign
bunker later used for hydroponic vegtables
antique safe with hole cut in it
toxic barrels in pond
orange bubbling mud
misc junk in the dump
army barrell


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