Former DND Transmitter Site

We don't really have any history into about this place but it's worth mentioning. Ever since I was a kid I was always intrigued by the yellow "DND Property" spots on the map so we decided to check one of them out. I heard that this was abandoned a few years ago. It was a Canadian Military radio transmitter site that I assume was used for communications with other bases in Canada and possibly Europe. The antennas have been removed and all that's left now is the perimeter fence and another fenced in area with a large building, shed and oil tank. There are two main ways to get to the site:
From Airpot Heights drive you turn off onto Parkers Pond road and about 100 yards up the road there is a metal gate. If you walk about 40 minutes straight up the road and you'll be at the site. The second way there is off of Mt. Scio road. Turn off of Mt. Scio road onto Groves road. A few minutes up the road you'll see 2 huge radio towers on the left. The small path/road is on the right side of the road across from the antenna towers. You walk 20 minutes up the path and come to a chain link fence and a road that goes around the perimiter of the fence. Keep going straight through the hole in the fence. Another 5 minutes up the path you'll come into a clearing and will see the building with grey siding and the rusty barbed wire topped chain link fence around building.
The gate to the fence is padlocked but you can quite easily lift the gate off it's hinges. The shed and the building are well secured so we're guessing that this site may be used at another time. There's no signs or anything indicating what this building was or is except for a military insignia on the door inside the porch. All the doors are baracaded from the inside except the main door which has a dead bolt. The windows all have metal caging on them to stop people from breaking into them. If you look through the windows you can see that the building is pretty much empty. Next to the building there is a large oil tank. There's no power lines leading to the site so we assume that the oil tank was used to power a generator for the site so the site could run self-sufficiently. The date on the oil tank was 1994 so we assume this site was abandoned shortly after that. By the look of the building and the fixtures that we could see inside we're guessing it was building in the 1950s or 60s. If anyone has any more info about this site we'd love to hear it.

hole in perimiter fence
view of the building from the path
main door of the building
length of the building
the shed and oil tank
miltary insignia on inside door
blurry shot through one of the windows
caged window


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