Red Cliff Dam

This damn was built in 1951 to serve the USAF Radar station on Red Cliff. The water was pumped up hill to Red Cliff via pump houses along the way to the station's steam plant which heated the facility. As far as we know the only pump house left standing is the one next to the dam. There is only the foundation left to another one on the road to the lower section of Red Cliff. To gain access to the pump house you have to walk up someones driveway which is guarded by yappy little dogs. It looks like the only way into the pump house is through a hatch in the roof similar to the one that was on the top of the coastal defence gun bunker on the lower section of Red Cliff. To find the dam just drive down Lower Rd. from Outer Cove Rd and there is a path into the woods on the right, before you get to Macdonald's Place which is also on the right. It's easy to tell the dam was built by the same people as the radar site because the cement has the exact same look as the buildings up on the radar station. It's not the most exciting place to visit but it's interesting since it's part of the Red Cliff radar complex.

two sides of the dam
water at the bottom of the dam
side of the dam with the pump house in the background
shot from the rear of the dam


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