Red Cliff Coastal Artillery Site

This site was chosen by the US Military in 1941 as well as 10 other locations in Newfoundland. The area wasn't occupied until 1943. The original site consisted of a large ammo bunker, underground gun battery and 2 large underground rooms. The site was deactivated after WWII but was reused during the cold war as the CPS-5 Radar site in the 1950's. Right now there is a fairly big building from the Radar site there which has a caved in roof. The gun battery has the metal hatch removed so you can climb down in there and see where the gun was located and check out the hundreds of shotgun shells that litter the floor. The battery is on the edge of a huge cliff (maybe 500ft?) so becareful not to slip and die. The big bunker has had the door blasted off so you can do inside and check it out. It's empty of course but most of these bunkers in other areas are always locked up. The two underground rooms have had dirt poured into the entrances but you can sqeeze your way in (not sure what's in there yet). During our next trip we're taking shovels to dig out the entrance to the rooms.

roof and entrace to gun battery
crumbling front of battery
entrance to gun battery
inside battery looking at hatch
shotgun shells on the floor of the battery
looking out at the ocean from inside the battery
entrance to underground room #1
front of bunker
inside bunker
CPS-5 Operations building
inside Operations building


Disclaimer: We do not accept responsibility or think it's a good idea for anyone to enter any of these buildings do anything we talk about on this page.

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