Red Cliff Radar Station

Red Cliff Air Station opened in 1951 and closed in 1961. It was a U.S. Air Force radar station to detect enemy Air Craft. This site had up to 246 people working there when it closed. There is the main section of the station at the top of Red Cliff that consists of the base of the radar tower, Operations Building, power and steam plant as well as a bunch of building foundations. The first thing you'll see when you come up the hill is the back wall of the former motor pool building where they used to store the trucks and other vehicles. Down the hill there is the original site which consists of a radar building and the WWII underground battery where there used to be a coastal artillery gun. The main building has many rooms that are quite dark and filled with junk (broken chairs and bed frames for example). There is a huge underground water tank between the road and the former steam plant. The water was put through the steam plant to provide heat to all of buildings on the site. The water tank is now empty except for some garbage that people have thrown down there over the years. There are iron ladder rungs leading down into the tank. It's actually quite cold down there because it's underground. Inside there are four cement pillars holding up the roof of the tank. The whole station has basically been abandoned since '61. When the radar station was closed basically EVERYTHING was removed and taken to Harmon AFB except for the heating and electrical equipment. After the USAF left in 1961 the Canadian military and American military reused one of the buildings as an unmanned radar station for a few years. Most of the buildings are now gone and half of the ones left are falling down. For info and picture of the lashup site go here.

inside of the radar tower base
inside main Operations Building
inside rear of Operations Building
entrance to underground tank
inside water tank
inside power plant
ruins of motor pool building
hallway with heating duct on the floor in the Operations Building
side of Operations Building
read of Operations Building
base of radar tower
steamplant building falling down


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