Newfoundland Railway

The last train to run on the tracks in Newfoundland was in 1988. By 1990 almost every section of track was ripped up and most of the train equipment was sold off to railways in the South America or cut up for scrap. There are several train displays around the province and we were lucky enough to take an "unofficial tour" of one of these displays. It's sad that kids nowadays won't get to see the train roll through Bowering Park. The display on Mt. Scio road in Pippy Park is in rough shape. Vandals have broken windows, spraypainted graffti, and knocked some of the doors down on the cars. The insides of the 3 cars we toured were in unrestored condition. Most of the seats in the passenger car have been removed and all the paint is peeling. The mail car is full of junk but seems to be in better shape than the passenger car. The Locomotive has had it's engine removed and had alot of the windows broken and boarded up. The trains appear to have been used as storage space for the Transportation Museum which is next door. In the cars there are old paint cans, furniture and in the back on one car there is 2 ancient wagon wheels.

front of locomotive
open loco hatch
inside locomotive
outside cars
inside train car
inside mail car
wagon wheel in train car


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