Mt Scio Radio Antenna

Radio towers are usually quite boring but you can usually get a good view of the surrounding areas from area. This was the first trek that i've made alone. After taking wrong turns on paths through the woods on the way up the hill, i found the light poll path that i thought led up to the tower. It turns out that it ends at the MUN biological labratory, which i mometarily contimplated trying to get into one of the old wooden barns that appear to be used just for storage but there were cars in the parking lots. Behind one of the buildings at the back of the area i found, to my suprise, a well maintained path that leads right to the tower. I assume the trail is part of the series of paths that go through Pippy Park. The tower consists of two cement block sheds on either side of the actual antenna. The door to the left shed was almost pryed open. Due to the high risk of electrocution i decided to leave it alone. From the top of this hill you can pretty much see most of the city.

close up of left shed
warning sign
tower with MUN and St. Johns in the background

Panoramic Shot


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