Exploring Journal

Saturday, May 17th, 2003
On a quick recon trip to check the entrances to the bunkers in south side hills we found a archeological dig happening at the former location of the St. Mary the Virgin church. Alot of the foundation has been unearthed. There were artifacts of clay pots, dishes and some fancy metal work. On the hill above the site there are the cement shells of two smalling buildings. Inside the first building there was a tent in each of the two rooms and lots of recent graffiti. The next building was almost completely gone and also had lots of graffiti in it.

Saturday, April 5th, 2003
Today we had a reporter tag along on a trip to Red Cliff. Not much has changed with the site except, the roof of the steam plant building has collapsed a little more. It also appears Newtel has added another radio tower to the site. On the way home we passed the railway display near the Transportation museum in Pippy Park, and one of the hatches were left open on the locomotive. On closer inspection we noticed every train car there had the doors open or removed except for one car which is being used by the Grand Concourse office. We climbed onto the locomotive and entered the hatch. One end was completely full of broken furniture and other junk and the other end just had some of the motor (maybe) equipment left. The actual conductors booth is still very well sealed up. The next car was a mail car. It was completely blocked with junk including paint cans and old seats which we assume were from the other train cars. The last car had checked out was a passenger car. Most of this car is still intact inside, minus a few seats. In the back of the car there were a few REALLY old wooden wagon wheels. Someone from the transportation museum must be storing them in there. There is another car on the lot that is attached to a patio and some sheds which as locked up tight. In the field next to the train there are a few old CN flat cars rotting away. These train cars are slated to be removed and cut in half for a display soon so we were lucky to document them while they were in their undisturbed state.

Saturday, February 1st, 2003
Our first real exploration since winter was quite boring. Two members of NUES ended up in Clarenville for and undisclosed reason and decided to have a look around the town for explorable structures. The first thing we noticed on the way into town was an old abandoned two story house along the highway. While we didn't stop and explore due to the rain we made a not of the location to come back again and explore. The only other place we found was the old Clarenville middle school. It looks like it's been boarded up for a while. One side of the building has been removed and you can see the bare studs of one of the inside walls. The place is locked up fairly tight and the few doors that don't look very secure were burried by 2-3 feet of snow at the time so we'll have to come back another time and "visit" this place. While leaving we noticed that we could easily enter the building by climbing the wall on the site where the bare studs are exposed and just climb over the wall where the ceiling crawl space used to be. Maybe next time.

Monday, October 7th, 2002
We took a short trip out to the Brookfield Drive-in to have another look at the place. Unfortunatly someone was in there either working or robbing the place. There were some construction tools outside so the guy was either fixing up the place or using the tools to get in. There's alot more crappy graffiti on the building than there was before. We didn't hang around long.

Saturday, September 21st, 2002
We recently got an e-mail informing us that the site that we thought was the former military transmitter site, was actually a girl guides camp. With some better directions we set out again to find the actual transmitter site. There are two main ways to get to the site. From Airport Heights drive you turn off onto Parkers Pond road and about 100 yards up the road there is a metal gate. You have to walk about 40 minutes straight up the road and you're at the site. The second way there is off of Mt. Scio road. Turn off of Mt. Scio road onto Groves road. A few minutes up the road you'll see 2 huge radio towers on the left. The small path/road is on the right side of the road. We walked about for about 20 minutes up the path and came to a chain link fence and a road that goes around the perimiter of the fence. Another 5 minutes up the path we came into a clearing and could see the building with grey siding and the rusty barbed wire topped chain link fence around building. I had a quick look around the fence for a way in, and found that there was a chain and padlock on the gate. It only to a second or two to realize that I could easily lift this "secure" gate off it's hinges and move it out of the way. We had heard that people have gotten into the people a few years before so we weren't sure if we could find a shell of a building or a we secured fortress. Unfortunatly the building is well secured. All the windows have steel cages and all the doors are locked solid. From what we could see through the windows the building is mostly empty. The equipment we saw was some old generator equipment. In the corner of the fenced area there was a small shed which was also well secured. Next to the building there is a large oil tank. There's no power lines leading to the site so we assume that the oil tank was used to power a generator for the site so the site could run self-sufficiently. The date on the oil tank was 1994 so we assume this site was abandoned shortly after that. By the look of the building and the fixtures that we could see inside we're guessing it was building in the 1950s or 60s.

Sunday, August 7th, 2002
A small group of us went to find out what was at the old Scouts Canada camp off the Bauline line. The entrance to this site is on a dirt road with a rusted old gate with a sign that says "1st Vanier - Scouts Canada" on it. The camp is only a 10 or 15 minute walk in the path/road. The first thing was saw as we got close to the sites was an old outhouse on the left. The site consists of 2 outhouses a large field (i assume for tents) and a camp building. It appears the camp has been used by teenagers for parties lately because there's beer caps and cigarette butts everywhere. The outhouse next to field has had the door torn off but it's still layed up in place. It actually had a fresh new roll of toilet paper in there, which I assume was left by the partiers. The main camp building is an old wooden structure with wooden siding. I'm guessing it was built in the 1950's but the look of it. All the windows and doors have metal sheets protecting them from vandals. One of the windows looks like someone tried to pry the metal bars off but were unsuccessfull. At the end of the camp the road continues down to the lake where someone has built a fancy new cabin.

Monday, July 1st, 2002
We got a few UE newbies together today to go to Red Cliff to have a look at the old radar station. Since the last time we were there the phone company has cleared a path around the telephone poles so it serves as a short cut to the station. It's a steep hill but it cuts 20 minutes off the hike. The site is pretty much in the same condition as it was on our last visit, except for some extra graffiti. After looking around the main buildings we walked down to the top of the underground water tank. A few people in the group climbed down into the tank to have a look. Luckily the ladder rungs leading down into the tank are still solid. The tank is about 25ft deep and it's pretty much dry, except for 1 or 2 inches of water in some places. There's alot of garbage down there that people have dropped in the hole over the years, like car seats and peices of wood. The coolest thing about the tank is the echo. The first thing I did was try my impression of Sloth from the Goonies. There are 4 cement pilars in the center of the tank holding up the roof (ground) above. The graffiti which covers most of the walls looks like it's from the 80's, so i'm guess that's when the tank was opened. After climbing out of the tank we checked out the steam plant and the lower section of the station.

Monday, June 24th, 2002
Today we took a walk around to Signal Hill trail to have a look at the WWII gun emplacements at the entrance to the narrows. It's fairly long walk from the top of Signal Hill so if you're only interested in looking at the bunkers you're better off talking the trail from the battery which is only 100ft from the bunkers. There are 2 cement buildings that used have a gun mounted on them. Each one has 2 munition storage 'closets' and a larger room. Next to one of the bunkers there is also another cement building with a door opening and that's it. We're not sure what this building was used for.

Tuesday, June 11th, 2002
We got to explore the old Capitol Theatre on Henry St after doing a short interview about our group for CBC radio, who owns the building. After a quick look around the seating area we look at the back room behind the screen which has a catwalk to can climb to get over all the pipes, etc. At the top of the seating area there is a door that leads to the room below the projection room which looks like it was used for storage because it has some old projector bulbs still there. There's a ladder in the room which leads through a hole in the floor of the projection room but we decided to take the stairs next to the room. There's not much left in the projection room except for a sink, fuse box and some drawings on the wall. Next we checked out the stairs leading down to the former entrance of the theatre. All the paint is peeling in the stairs and it's pitch black so it's a little creepy but there isn't anything at the bottom to look at besides a closet full of parts for the theatre seats.

Wednesday, May 29th, 2002
This evening we went to find the dam that used to serve Red Cliff Radar Station with water during the 1950's. I was given instructions by a person who found our website that said it was down a path about a minutes drive from the bridge where Outer Cove Rd turns into Lower Rd. Unfortunatly there were 3 paths. After climbing down the muddy hill of the second path we could see the dam down river. Of course it had to be the last one with my luck! The dam itself isn't very interesting but on the other side of the river there is a small cement pump house which pushed the water uphill to the station's steam plant. Unfortunatly for us there where two little yappy dogs on the other side of the river so when we drove up the road next to the pump house the guy who lives in the house across from it came out to see what the dogs were barking about so we just turned around. On the way back down the hill I noticed an abandoned house which I would guess is about 80 years old. We'll have to come back here again when the dogs are inside.

Saturday, May 25th, 2002
Today we decided to go and find the abandoned military radio transmitter site which is in the back of Pippy Park. I had heard from someone a few years ago that the towers were taken down but the building is still there. We parked at the beginning of the dirt road/trail that leads up to the area. It was about a 45 minute hike with lots of forks in the path to confuse you. At the top of the hill I could see a patch of cement in a clearing in the distance so we knew we were on the right trail. Unfortunatly the patch of cement is the foundation where the communications building used to sit. At each end of the clearing we found a 1.5 meter squared cement platform with a bunch of bricks on them. These may have been use to mount radio antenna's or some type of structure. The only other artifact that we found was a metal pipe sticking out of the ground at the lower part of the clearing which we can only guess was used for some type of mount. It was foggy went we enter the woods and by the time we left the site the fog had cleared so we got a little disoriented and took the wrong path down the hill. Rather than coming out on the road where we parked we ended up on the golf course. This mission was a little disappointing after hiking uphill in the rain for 45 minutes but at least we know where the site used to be now.

Saturday, Feb 23rd, 2002
We finally got around the checking out the semi-abandoned Mcdonald's restaraunt on Kenmount Rd. We walked around the building and noticed that the door to the storage/garbage shed was left open but we never bothered to check it out. We did find that some had left the drive-thru window wide open. Inside almost all the equipment was gone, including the chairs and tables. Some kitchen equipment was left but everything else was removed. Someone drove into the parking lot to turn around which scared the crap out off me so we decided the leave and come back another time. The lights in the store must be on a timer because when we returned later in the day the lights were on in the kitchen, unless someone else had been there and turned them on.

Monday, Nov 12th, 2001
Today we went to do some recon at a few sites we found a few weeks earlier. Off Route 21 in Bauline there is a rusted sign that say "Scouts Canada" on an open gate to a dirt road. By the look of the sign we're assuming this is an abandoned boy scout camp. There was a car parked in front of the entrance so we decided to skip it today. Next, on this same road, there is a large radar tower. There is a gate with a no trespassing sign on it in front of the dirt road leading up to the tower. The tower is only a few minute hike up the road. At the top of the hill there is another gate like the one at the begining of the road but it is stuck open. The whole site is inside a chainlink fence with barbwire around the top. The only "accessable" part of the site is the large panel boxes outside the fence which we assume are electrical and telephone. Inside the fence there is a large shed-type building and two smaller buildings directly below the tower with vents coming out of them. Between the fence and the buildings there are two manholes which almost definitly lead to and underground space because there is no need for a drain or sewer at the top of this hill. We walked the perimiter of the fence looking for a whole because we wanted to climb the 4 story tower but we couldn't find anything. The tower seems to be un-maned we we're pretty sure there are motion sensors inside.

Sunday, Oct 28th, 2001
We arranged to go explore the Forest Rd. Hospital with a small group of explorers but they couldn't make it. First we explored the part of the nursing school side of the complex that we didn't see last time. Most of the windows in this wing are boarded up so it was quite dark. In a room off the lobby we found a trap door hatch in the floor the leads to a crawl space under the hospital. We decided to skip it for now and explore the rest of the building. we followed the hallway and checked each room, which was pretty boring. Next we check out the basement. It appeared to be some type of workshop in the main room of the basement. The rest of the rooms were filled with pipes and garbage. After taking some pictures we took the stairs to the second floor which was alot like the first floor, not much to see. The 3rd floor was alot more interesting. There is a sky-light much like the one of the older section of the hospital which made it great for taking pictures. This floor must have been the residence for the nursing school because it had almost all tiny dormroom-type rooms. Next we went back into the older section of the hospital that we explored on our first visit to take some more pictures. Alot of the rooms were alot more vandalized since our last visit. We headed to the top floor to take some more pictures of the skylight and found a hallway that we didn't notice before. One room looked like a operation prep room, so we assume that the rooms next to it used to be operating rooms or part of the morgue, that we heard was on the top floor. The last place we checked out before leaving was the basement which is only accessible through a door in front of the hospital. We expected to find a entrance to the tunnels we've heard mentioned but it was just a mech/boiler room with various pipes and gauges. On the right, inside the door there is a metal grate that looks like it could be the entrance to a tunnel but it's full of water. In the back of the main room there are entrances to the crawl space under the rest of the hospital which are pretty cramped. After leaving the hospital we scouted around for an entrance to some more tunnels that we've read about that are supposed to be downtown.

Thursday, Oct 18th, 2001
We did a quick mission to the Forest Rd. Hospital this evening to check out the nursing home side of the complex. To our suprise there was a hole cut in the fence so you can just walk onto the grounds and duck into the building through the main doors. We got out our flashlights and proceeded down the main hallway. Most of the rooms are full of old hospital junk and shelving. There were various medical supplies like IV bags and blood extraction kits all throughout the hall. This building has only been abandoned for 4 years but it's been vandalized quite a bit. We followed the hall to the end and thought we heard some voices upstairs but just assumed it was pidgeons. We took the stairs to the top floor looking for the morgue which we heard was on the 4th floor. The top floor has become a home to hundreds of pidgeons. There's bird shit all over the floor and it smells terrible. We walked around most of the floor looking for the morgue but didn't find anything. We assumed it was in the adjoining building which we couldn't get to without going to the main floor again. We took a rear stairwell to the bottom floor which kind of freaked us out because there was plastic covering the doorway which was torn down by someone before us. Every door and closet on this floor had plastic covering the entrance ways. It look almost like some type of quarantine or something. We found a ward full of old hospital beds strewn around at the end of the fall. While we were lookind around there we heard a loud crash in one of the upper floors and figured someone else had come to explore (or sleep). Rather than to leave right way we decided to check out the lower basement and try and find the tunnels that we've heard lead to the old (yet still active) prison across the street. We found an underground space for a boiler but no tunnels. It was starting to get dark so we decided to call it a day and come back and explore when we have more daylight. While we were leaving we could hear someone in the bushes near the fence and figured we leave before we found out who it was.

Saturday, Oct 13th, 2001
I did a short recon mission with a fellow local explorer to look for a supposed helicopter crash site on Bauline Line. We didn't have much luck finding it although we found the entrance to an abandoned boy scout camp which we will have to explore later. Next we checked out the abandoned White Hills cement plant. There's alot more blasting going on in the quarries so the old structures there may be gone soon.

Sunday, Sept 17th, 2001
We set out to check out some more of the new buildings being constructed that we were at earlier. On the way there I noticed a drain that was almost totally dry. There was a pond of stagnant water at the end so I had to hang off the railing above to climb down to the opening. It was a 48" pipe made of corgugated steel. It wasn't very long so I followed it to the end, only to find a bigger and deeper pond of stagnant water at the other end. We made our way over to the first construction site. It wasn't a very large building. Most of the brick work is finished but no windows yet. The next site was much larger. It's going to house 4 or 5 large stores in it. There was a ladder going up 50ft up to the unfinished roof. It was quite unstable so because of my fear of heights I decided to skip it. Behind the building we found a unfinished drain. The top of the cement chamber was exposed with nothing covering the manhole. There were ladder rungs going down the inside of it and 10ft down there was a temporary steel grate platform. 10ft below that there was another platform. We didn't have any of our gear (rope, maglights, boots, etc) with us so we had to skip the drain too. The last construction site was medium sized and had some of the windows already put in. It was the same as the others, cement floor, steel support beams, no other floors yet. On the way home we checked out the backlot of a auto salvage yard. There were lots of foreign cars and vans that look to have been there for 10-20 years. We took a few pictures and headed home.

Friday, Aug 31st, 2001
I just got back from a short recon mission. We went to check out some of the construction sites around a new shopping area being built. First we checked out a new huge Mcdonalds which is in the begining stages. It's pretty funny, even though there's still a dirt floor most of the plastic pipes coming out of the ground are already labeled like "shake machine" etc. I found a hand drawn blue print of the playland. I'm hoping to get back in there when they get more of the inside done. There's also 3 large stores being built near there which are only steel frames so far and not really worth exploring. I'll have some more pictures to add soon

Friday, May 19th, 2001
This afternoon after work we set out on one of the most fun missions yet. We hit an 150 year old hospital that has been abandoned for 5 years. I've been eyeing this place for 2 years now and i figured we should explore it soon before they tear it down or fix it up. We were dropped off in the NUES getaway car and walked up the path behind the hospital. We had to make sure noone was looking and we jumped the fence. The door was kicked in in one of the outer attached buildings so we could just walk in. It was really dark inside and there were lots of creepy noises made by pigeons and the wind blowing in the broken windows. There's old hospital equipment all over the place. Everything from 1970's answering machines to ancient heart monitors. Most of the building has been totally vandalized with holes in the walls and the windows broken out, while some rooms are totally clean and besides the pigeon poop they could still be used. On the third floor on the front of the building there is a big open room which i've nicknamed the "Satan room" because of all the satanic graphiti. The two corner towers that you see in the picture are actually bathrooms. The whole time we were there we could hear some freaky sound coming from the top floor. We were a little weary of squatters but we went up the last set of stairs to the attic. The craziest part about the attic was the fresh pool of puke at the top of the stairs. But the only life we saw the whole time was the pigeons which seemed to inhabit almost everyroom. In the attic all the windows were boarded up so it was really dark. All the rooms up there were empty with all the clap boards (is that what you call them?) exposed. It's impossible to explain how creepy this place is in words. I'm going to edit together some of the video that i took while in there. On the way back we checked out a 48" cement drain that they are installing underground literally in front of my driveway. It was a pretty basic drain. Round cement pipe, with a manhole/shaft/chamber (with ladder rungs) every 60ft or so. It was pretty cool to be able to walk in a drain that is totally clean. The drain ends at a chamber that intersects a small 24" corgugated metal pipe.

Saturday, March 24th, 2001
With vague directions from someone who had not even been in the province in several years we set out to find a burned out building in the town of Paradise. After a little driving around we found the building behind a huge factory. It looks pretty old , possibly 1930's or 40's. It was boarded up but the lock was broken off the front door and the board on the back of the window on the back of the building was half off. Getting inside this building will be quite easy. There is supposed to be old tin boxes that have documents that survived the fire. Since this was just a recon mission we tooks some pictures and took off. The building is right behind the factory so the best time to return to enter the building is probably evenings during the weekend when hopefully nobody is working.

Friday, January 26th, 2001
This was my first mission in a while. I did some solo infiltration at Confederation Building which is the main Newfoundland Provincial Govn't. The Confederation "Complex" consists of two buildings (East and West Block) joined by a above ground tunnel. I decided to start afterhours because there are, of course, less people around. After 5:00pm anyone entering either of the buildings has to sign in and show their ID, so you should get in the building before then. The building seems to be pretty much empty by 4:30pm. Security in the East Block (old building) is alot tighter probably due to the fact the most of the more important departments are there. The best way to enter the building is through the door on the east block side of the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there's a door to the right and stairs going down directly in front of you. If you go down the stairs you can get into the basement with doesn't really have much to look at (that is unlocked at least) but if you go through the basement you don't have to go by the security desk on the main floor. The door to the basement is sometimes locked by 5:00. If you do have to get to the elevators on main floor just move quick and quiet and you won't be noticed. The second floor looks out over the main floor and you can be seen by the security desk so it wouldn't advise pokeing around on that floor. The third and forth floor are almost identical, everything the might be interesting it locked, plus the Police have on office on the forth floor. The fifth is a little more interesting. At the far end of the building, by the elevators with a window beside them, there is a hallway to the left. Down the hallway there are the mens washroom, womens washroom, and a door marked "building services" (bingo!). First I checked the mens washroom. In one of the stalls there is a metal door on the wall above the toilet. You can open it with a flattop screwdriver or in my case i used a key to turn the locking mechanism. I opened it and I could see that there is a narrow utility tunnel running behind the washroom. The metal door is only about 1ft square so there has to be another way to get in there. At the far end of the washroom there was a door marked "Telephone". To my suprise it was left unlocked. The door was kinda stuck so i guess that's why it wasn't locked. I opened it a bit half expecting to find someone on the other side but it was just dark. I was a little paranoid about someone coming into the washroom and catching me with the door open so I just jumped in and closed the door behind me. In pitch black I fumbled to turn on my mini-mini-maglight (1aaa battery). My battery was almost dead so I couldn't see much. There were a bunch of cardboard boxes piled up and at the back of the room, which looked to be about 6ft X 16ft there were some electrical boxes and some weird looking equipment (I presume it was telephone equipment). It couldn't see very well but it looked like you could get to the utility tunnel behind the washroom if you climbed behind all the cardboard boxes. I'll have to check this out further when I have a better flashlight. Next I tried the "Building Services" door. It was open also. Inside this door there were 3 other doors. The one on the left was marked "Data", which i think is for computer network wiring, and was locked. The the right there is a door marked "Electrical", which was also locked. Directly in front of me was an unmarked door which was open a little bit. It looks like it would get stuck like the "telephone" door in the washroom. Inside the door there is a huge machine with a bunch of gauges and pipes coming out of it. It looks like it might be part of the air conditioning system. On the other side of the machine there was a small set of stairs leading up to an open door. I'm assuming this machine inside this door is the furnace for the floor because it was damn hot in there. Half expecting to see someone in there working, I peeked in the door. Luckly nobody was around. I snapped a few pictures of the various valves and gauges and got the hell out of there. There looked to be more stuff around the corner in the furnace room but I was too paranoid to go any further. I hopped on the elevator and got off on the main floor and walked by the security desk, smiled and the guard and walked out the door just like I had just gotten off a hard days work.

Friday, October 28th, 2000
We waited until dusk to check out the drain that I discovered last sunday. After waiting for the traffic to settle down we dropped down over the river embankment and walked along the river to the drain opening. With fresh batterys in the maglight it was easier to see that there is now almost a foot of water running in the bottom of the pipe and it gets smaller and goes up on a slope about 30ft inside. There's also a verticle pipe leading upto a manhole about 5 ft inside the pipe. We'll have to explore this drain more on a dryer day.

Sunday, October 22nd, 2000
I ventured out alone to check out some local storm drain construction and to check out a building being constructed at the University. First I checked out an storm drain pipe that I eye everyday on the way home from work. Normally it is about a foot above the river that runs past it but recently it's been flooded with water from the river. The pipe is only about a 36 incher so it's not really idea for exploring but I may check it out again when it's dryer. I walked a little ways down one side of the river looking at the new contruction that they've been doing for the last few weeks and I discovered a manhole behind a bunch of trees that I didn't even know existed. It would be perfect to drop down into without anyone on the 4-lane highway across the river being able to see. The only problem is that it's right next to the back of someone's backyard fence and they might be able to heard the noise of opening the manhole. About 20 ft down the trail I saw a big pipe on the other side of the river which I also didn't know existed. There was a guy doing yard work in one of the adjoining backyards so I decided to go back and check out the big pipe on the other side of the river. There was an old guy walking on the sidewalk above the river so I decided not to check the pipe then and get it on the way back. I cross the 4 lanes of highway and walked along where most of the new pipe construction was happening. It was pretty cool to see all the manhole's, pipes, and waterfall rooms laying around before they're actually dropped into the ground. One of the finished manhole/waterfall rooms didn't have the metal manhole thingy put in yet and it only had a piece of wood covering the hole. It was about a 10ft drop into the 1.5 meter wide vertical pipe which joins two 36inch pipes. There were no ladder rungs inside it so I moved on to check out other stuff on the site. Another thing i've noticed on the way home everyday is the huge hole in the ground which has that orange plastic construction fence around it. At the bottom of it there is a huge flooded cement box which is about 15ft by 6ft wide and i'm not sure how deep because the top of it is 8ft below ground and I assume they're going to ad more to it so it reaches the ground level. It's too bad that it was flooded because it would be an easy way to access both sides of the 36inch pipes that it joins. I continued on to the University hoping to be able to get into the not yet finished tunnel entrance that will connect the new building to the old Phys Ed building via underground tunnel. The last few times that I was there it was left open and the space inside look huge! Unfortuanatly I waited too long, because it was all boarded up today and the only way in is a 24inch square air vent hole which is at least 10 ft of the ground. Since watching the University Security info video on the Uni's website I found out that the area where the building is being built is the most watched zone buy the outdoor security camera's I decided not to mess with the boards covering the entrane. I made my way to the pedestrian tunnel which crosses over to the Engineering building which is supposed to have a door which enters the university utility tunnels but the door from the tunnel to the building was locked. I decided to go check one of the vents on the outside of the building but there were people hanging around in the area so I couldn't walk up to the grate and try to open it without them seeing. I decided to head back and check out the big pipe that I noticed earlier along the river. A university security truck passed me on when I was just crossing to road and leaving campus grounds, which scarred the crap out of me even though I didn't do anything wrong. I continued along the highway to the river and noticed there is a walkable path along side the river which I assume was made by the contruction guys who've been tearing the place up for months. There pipe is about 48inches wide, which is abnormally large for this area. I jumped down to the other side of it and walked in a few feet. There's only a few inches of water running in the pipe so it would be easy to walk on the side of it hunched over. The batterys of my maglight were almost dead so I couldn't see much, then all of a sudden I hear a huge THUD! that scarred the crap out of me, but it was only cars driving over the manholes further down the pipe. I snapped a few pics of the pipe and climbed back up to the sidewalk just in time to see a young woman give me a "what the f***" look. I guess she saw me come out of the pipe. I'm vowed to return to this pipe with waterproof footwear, fresh batterys for my maglight, and the NUES team to do some exploring.

Saturday, October 21st, 2000
We drove out to Blackhead, Cape Spear and Petty Harbour. First we went to Cape Spear to get some pictures of the WWII gun bunker, which unfortunatly was overrun with tourists (as usual). The bunker has some great tunnels and storage magazines. One of the 10inch "disappearing" guns has now had it's carriage hole covered by a wooden deck with just an opening to see the gun. After taking some pictures inside the tunnels was walked back to the car and noticed, what looked like a underground building/room. You can see the roof a window opening and the iron door. It was far off the designated path and there were Parks Canada people around so it wouldn't be a good time to check it out with all the tourists around. We'll have to check it out during an evening when the workers aren't there. Next we drove on to Blackhead looking to see if there is anything left of the WWII dummy (decoy) Gun Battery which was located here. We didn't find anything resembling it in the actual village of Blackhead but there is a trail along the coast that it may be on. It's a 1.8 km walk so we decided to skip it for today. Next we went to the 400 year old town of Petty Harbour looking for a cave or tunnel that I had heard about on an internet newsgroup. It was supposed to be visible from the 100 year old hydroelectric plant but we couldn't find it. We weren't really in the mood to climb the hills behind the plant so we snapped some pictures of the old plant, which was worth the drive anyways, and headed home.


Disclaimer: We do not accept responsibility or think it's a good idea for anyone to enter any of these buildings or do anything we talk about on this page.

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