Abandoned Hospital

First we'll start with the WARNING: It is VERY unhealthy to enter this building. There are many unstable sections of the building as well as the threat of asbestos which is all around the hospital. There are numerous other health risks in the complex so we do not recomend you enter it. This place was built in 1851. It became the main hospital for St. John's. In 1940 a nurses residence was added. Part of the hospital was used for the Canadain Navy for serveral years. We've heard that part of the hospital was used during the world wars to treat shell-shocked soldiers. The hospital had a peak of 600 beds until 1967 when the Health Science center opened. Several wards were destroyed in 1997 and the powerplant and some other sections were torn down 2000. A chainlink fence was put up around the building in the fall of 1999. The fence is easy to get over, there's a section at the back of the building which has been cut. Aside from the fence the place is not being taken care of. Lots of broken windows and some of the windows that were boarded up have had the boards removed. I don't think there is anyone watching over the building besides the people in the Miller Center next door. Before the fence was put up last fall there was a watch dog inside the building to keep people out. Parts of this building were being used up until a few years ago and it appears that there's still lots of stuff left in the building. Probably the best time to enter the building would be early in the evening due to the lack of activity at the Miller Center next door. The easiest building to enter is the nursing home building. The main doors have been totally removed so you can just walk right it. There are various medical supplies like IV bags and blood extraction kits all throughout the hall. This building has only been abandoned for 4 years but it's been vandalized quite a bit. This building is not quite as exciting because most of the floors are similar, except the basement which still has some hospital beds and other equipment. The hall leading to the beds had plastic covering the doors to all the rooms and closets. The plastic had been removed by someone before us. It looked almost like some type of quarantine or something. There is a lower basement section to this building which leads to a boiler room. The nursing residence at the rear is a little more interesting. The basement has some strange rooms in it and lots to see. There are utility tunnels under this building that we have not explored yet. The upper floors are well lit and filled with pigeons and pigeon shit. We think the third (top) floor was used for the nurses residence because of the small dorm-like rooms. The most interesting building is the oldest building. It's the one with the 2 towers in the front. There is one room on the main floor which is filled with old equipment like heart monitors and primiative answering machines. Each floor has different things to offer. If you enter through the basement door on the front there's a load of steam pipes and gauges and a few different empty rooms. To the right there is a steel grate in the floor and looks like it used to lead to a tunnel but it's now filled with water. Near the back of the basement there is a huge crawl space under the rest of the building. The main floor has many rooms, janitor work rooms, and a kitchen. The second floor has a large ward which we've named the "Satan Room" because of the satanic graphiti. There are lots of tables and chairs in this room and in each tower there is a washroom. On the other side of the floor there are several rooms that used to be operating rooms. These rooms are quite clean accept for some graphiti. On the third floor there is four room that look like storage rooms. Down the hall, one room looked like a operation prep room, so we assume that the rooms next to it used to be operating rooms or part of the morgue, that we heard was on the top floor. Like the other buildings this floor is also full of pigeons and their shit. The floors are also very water-logged and seem to be unstable. The buildings were last used in 1997 and were closed because the contaminated water due to the old pipes. We've heard from servral sources that these buildings are owned by local polititian Danny Williams. Apparently there are plans to turn on of the buildings into a luxury hotel. The hospital is one of the oldest standing buildings in St. John's so hopefully they can be saved from the wrecking ball.

Before you even think of entering this place, read this page about the dangers or pidgeon shit (i'm serious). There are parts of the hospital where the shit is seriously 1 foot deep.
Diseases associated with Pidgeon Droppings

front of hospital
main floor hall
birthing chair in one of the rooms
one of the entrances to the tunnels
main stairs in military building
open door
stairs leading to satan room
gross sinks in the nursing school building
window in the attic
entering the satan room
the satan room
contaminated water pipe
nursing home wing
front of hospital


Disclaimer: We do not accept responsibility or think it's a good idea for anyone to enter any of these buildings do anything we talk about on this page.

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