Hiscock Way

I've always wondered about this shack since I was a kid. Nobody i've ever talked to seems to know who owns it or what it was used for. The sign on one of the shacks says "Hiscock Way". There are two shacks in the front which are filled with old scrap wood and a newer shack a little farther back down the trail behind the others. There is lots of garbage, rusty water heaters, and other crap spread all around the area. The shacks don't seem to have been used for years and years. On the top of one of the shacks there is a tower type structure which has always made me wonder just when the hell was this shack used for. The land has been owned by the Hiscock family since 1929. One of the shacks was put there during the early 1980's, although they look older. I've been old the land is haunted by fairies.

two older shacks
siloette of shack and tower structure
side of shack
front of second shack and tower structure


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