Brookfield Drive-In Theater

I'm not sure when this was built but it closed in the fall of 1993 and during an ice storm in 1994 the screen fell down. I think it was actually going to open the next season but the cost of putting up another screen would be too costly for the theater which was already in financial trouble. All that's left now is the booth where you would pay, the snack bar /projection booth, and all the speaker polls, which are spread over the whole place. I'm still kicking myself for not going for to the closing night of the season for this theater in 93. I can imagine this was a pretty hot spot during the 60's and 70's. It had a 610 car capacity. The main building is all boarded up but i've been there at times when the bathroom doors have been kicked in. I'm not sure if the projector equipment is still inside. One of these days i might be lucky enough to get in this building. The last film shown here was "Sister act 2".

side of the projection booth/concession stand building
speaker poll with building in the background
left side of concession stand
its been a while since cars came through here
lonely old ice machine


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