Various Storm Drains

After many, many failed attempts at locating an explorable storm drain, we've finally found a few worth exploring. Most storm drains around town are 36 inch pipes that are usually half full of water and mud, or if they're dry they have a unmovable iron gate on it. The only other big pipe we know of (besides the Parkway pipe) is the massive pipe that runs under the Avalon Mall parking lot. I've heard of someone who's gone through this one about 15 years ago but, right now this pipe is rusted badly and isn't safe, not to mention the foot and a half of water rushing through it. After walking along the river which runs beside the Prince Phillip parkway to check out a small pipe, which I noticed from the car on the way home from work, I found another 48 inch pipe on the opposite side of the river. We returned with flashlights and a camera a week later and proceeded into the pipe. The water was a little to high for our boots so we'll have to go back another time to explore this pipe further. Some other things we need to checkout is a manhole that I found on the side of the river near the 48 inch pipe we've nicknamed "Parkway pipe", and another drain in industrial park which had a rebar grate bolted to the cement entrance. This pipe is totally dry and look like it's been that way since it was built. Last time that we were there on a mission to remove the bolts we stripped one of them so it just turns in the cement instead of coming out, so it may have to be pryed off.

small pipe
parkway drain
inside parkway drain
unfinished manhole
manhole near parkway
large drain bridge
iron cage over drain


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