Abandoned Convent/Orphanage

The orphange opened in 1884. In 1967 the orphanage closed and 2 years later the buildings was used as Belvedere Central High School with the school board using the basement and the first floor as their offices. It operated as a school until 1975. That year the Archdiocese of St. John's took over the building for their offices. We've visited these buildings several times after hearing they may be destroyed. Only recently have we discovered that there are steam tunnels connecting these buildings to the surounding 3 schools. The buildings are secured very well and we haven't found a way in yet without making alot of noise and disturbing the church ladies in the building next to these ones. On the back side of the brick section of the building there is a large cement platform with a manhole on top of it which likely leads to the main steam room of this building. It doesn't look like it's been opened in 40 years. Which a bit of help from a crow bar we might be able to get this one open. On the other side of the building there are a few cement squares, with big iron plates welded on to them, which appear to be above the tunnels that lead to the school next door. There are security cameras being installed around this building because of the underage drinking that goes on there on the weekends. We are going to make an attempt to open the manhole before the cameras are activated.

The land around this site is slated to be developed as either condos or a large grocery store. The original plan was to destroy the two buildings (the demolition permit as already been granted) but the developers are working out a deal to renovate the buildings and rent them to an outside company.

These buildings have been renovated and are now being used for government offices. Some of the steam tunnels on the property have been removed. We can only assume that the buildings are no longer relying on the neighbouring school for heat.

rear of orphanage
convent section
front of orphanage
manhole above powerplant
welded cover on tunnel entrance


Disclaimer: We do not accept responsibility or think it's a good idea for anyone to enter any of these buildings or do anything we talk about on this page.

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