White Hills Cement Plant/Quary

We were actually looking for the road that possibly led to the former WWII gun implacement, but the road ended at this place. Actually to road doesn't end, it continues on the other side of the quarry but it goes down into the Robin Hood bay dump. Just before the road ends there is the foundation of a building and oil tank. This was probaby the site of one the large antenna's used for communication back when the base was open. I'm not sure how long the plant has been open. I assume it was started after the Americans closed down Pepperell AFB, because this area was used for training during the time the base was open. All the equipment in these pictures don't seem to be used any more and just left to rot and rust. The building which looks like it was a control building because it has big electrical panels inside it smells pretty bad. It almost definitly has asbestos inside it so i didn't bother to go right in. Below the control building there is a tunnel. There are lots of twisted metal that looks like it was part of a conveyor system below the control building. Inside the tunnel there is a conveyor system that goes all the way back into the tunnel about 40ft. It looks as though there was machinery above the tunnel that would smash rock into gravel and would be moved on the conveyor belt.

building foundation and junk
control building?
inside control building
conveyor tunnel
conveyor tunnel closer
inside conveyor tunnel


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