Capitol Theatre

The Capitol Theatre was abandoned in the late 1970's. We're not sure exactly when it opened. We recently had a chance to explore the theatre. After the movie theatre closed it was probably used for plays or at least for rehearsing because we found a few scripts scattered around the stage area. The projector has been removed as well as the screen but there's still lots of interesting things to look at. All the original seating is still in place and are in surprisingly good shape considering they haven't been used in years. The upper area is used for storage by CBC radio who own the building. At the bottom of the theatre behind where the screen used to be there is a back room with a steel catwalk that is used for access to the air vents and conduit pipes for the floor below. The main theatre area and the backroom have power but the most interesting areas of the theatre are the projection rooms and the former entrance area. These areas have no power and are more "abandoned" than the rest of the building. The first room we looked at is the room under the projection room. This room had an old wooden ladder leading up to a hole in the ceiling which goes to the projection room. There are still several huge bulbs from the old projector. On the wall next to the door there is also an old telephone junction box that looks like it's from the 1960's or earlier. Rather than climb the sketchy looking ladder to get to the projection room we looked for another way. In the stairs leading to the projection room there was a 20ft ladder leading to the attic but we could hear the wind howling up there and we weren't sure of how strong the floor would be up there so we decided to skip it. Inside the projection room the first thing you see is the square hole in the floor which leads to the room below. There are two round windows which have been long broken out and boarded up. You can see the round windows in this picture. There are 2 small holes in the center of the floor that look like it used to be where the projector was mounted. On the wall below the projection holes there is an old fuse box that looks like it's from the 1940's or 50's. The corner where the hole in the floor is there's an old sink that probably would have been used by the projectionist to wash his hands before handling any of the films. The outline on the wall below the sink shows that there probably was a platform over the hole. Another interesting thing about the room is the drawings on the wall that look like they were done in marker. There's one of dick tracy and another interesting one of a small drawing of nude woman's back. There are two stair cases leading down to what used to be the main entrance on either side of the theatre. These stairs have a huge floor to ceiling window which is boarded up. Most of the paint is peeling off the wall so it makes a nice crunching sound when you're walking down them in the dark. At the bottom of each set of stairs there is a small closet and steel doubles doors which lead outside. It looks like these doors where left open at some point because there's is a lot of water damage in these stairs wells. Only one of these doors are accessible from the outside now because one has been closed over from the outside. The theatre is on the top floor of the building owned by CBC radio. Aside from the stairs and the projection area the theatre is still in very usable condition. It would be nice to see this place turned into a retro theatre to show classic films or independent movies. Unfortunately it will probably be just used for storage for the time being.

outside the capitol theatre
darkened theatre
woodwork on the site of chairs
pipes behind movie screen
metal catwalk behind movie screen
telephone and computer cables for the floor below
ladder to the attic
projection room fusebox
view from the projection hole
sink in the projection room
artwork on the wall in the projection room
broken light bulb in the old starts
picture of the huge boarded up windows


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