Cape Spear Bunker

While not forgotten this place still deserves a place on this site. This WWII bunker/gun battery was built in 1941. The batteries included two US 10-inch M1888 guns on M1894M1 disappearing carrages, transferred from Fort Mott, New Jersey*. After the the war in 1946 most buildings were torn down and the gun carrages were removed. This bunker is in the middle of a National Historic site so there is usually tourists all over the place but if you go on a weekday you'll pretty much have the place to yourself. The two batteries are connected by a series of underground tunnels. There are various rooms off of the tunnels which used to hold the ammo for the 2 guns, and various other equipment, but now are empty. You can still see the remains of the foundation for one of the above ground buildings just outside one of the bunker entrances, and just past that there is an off limits bunker which we will have to go back and check out at another time.
* this info was borrowed from North American Forts .

picture from the 40s
side entrance
looking back towards the entrance
inside bunker tunnel
unknown room inside bunker
one of the dissapearing gun barrels


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