Bauline Radar Tower

The strange thing about this radar site is that there is no signs saying who owns it. All the federal weather radars have the big Govn't of Canada signs in front of them. It's not military because as far was we know the only NORAD radar in Newfoundland is the one in Gander. There is a gate with a no trespassing sign on it in front of the dirt road leading up to the tower. The tower is only a few minute hike up the road. At the top of the hill there is another gate like the one at the begining of the road but it is stuck open. The whole site is surrounded by a chainlink fence with barbwire around the top of it. The only "accessable" part of the site is the large panel boxes outside the fence which we assume are electrical and telephone. Inside the fence there is a large shed-type building and two smaller buildings directly below the tower with vents coming out of them. Between the fence and the buildings there are two manholes which almost definitly lead to and underground space because there is no need for a drain or sewer at the top of this hill. We walked the perimiter of the fence looking for a hole because we wanted to climb the 4 story tower but we couldn't find anything. The tower seems to be un-maned so we're pretty sure there are motion sensors inside. I've been told that this tower may be an aviation radar.

Map of radar site.

road leading radar tower
radar tower from road
closer view of tower
buildings below tower
stairs leading up the stairs
looking up at the tower


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