Bangor Water Works

This building is actually in Bangor Maine but I was there on my holidays last summer. The front of the building looks fairly secure but if you look close there are lots of places that you can get in. There is also an abandoned farm house right next to it that is probably worth checking out. I don't know anything about this building so i took the following info from the Maine Preservation website:
The Bangor Water Works is one of the most impressive historic structures on the Penobscot River. This Victorian era civic industrial structure was completed in 1875, supplying water for the City of Bangor until 1957, and electricity until 1972. In the mid-1970's, the complex was vacated and has granted tentative developer status to Eastern Maine Medical Center. However, a $2 million gap in renovation funding has stalled the project.

Main part of the building
rail road tracks in front of building
hydroelectric power plant
view from the river
aerial shot


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