Argentia Naval Base was built in 1941. Before the US moved in, Argentia was a small village. The people who lived on the area which was going to be used for the base were told to vacate and their houses were burned or bulldozed. They even dug up a cemetary and moved it to neighbouring Freshwater. The main purpose for Argentia was Atlantic Barrier Patrol. Aircraft from Argentia patrolled the North Atlantic for German submarines. The base was also responsible for protecting shipping in the northwest atlantic as well as search and rescue. Captured German U-boats were taken into Argentia. Winston Churchill met with President Roosevelt on a ship in the harbour and held secret meetings. Historically it's a very important base. Heck! Frank Sinatra sang there. In 1994 the US moved out of Argentia and left the property to Canadian Govn't. They also left behind a pile of PCB barrels. It's costing the goverment 81 million dollars to clean up the area. Nuclear weapons were stored on the north side so who knows what else is buried out there. The Argentia Managment Authority are now taking down useless buildings and repairing others so that the south side can be used as an industrial park. Alot of buildings are vacant, including the school and some others, while others are being used for private businesses. The AMA regularly patrol the area so keep an eye out if you're doing something your not supposed to be doing. In the spring of 2000 the large barracks building called the "BOQ" was imploded. Alot of housing buildings were destroyed the fall before. Argentia front gate 1976
Arial shot from the 90s
PCB Barrels left by the US
Miami Hanger ruins
Control Tower ruins

Trip #1 - May 8th, 1999
Trip #2 - June 5th, 1999
Trip #3 - June, 2000


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