Airport Heights Aquaduct

From what I had heard of this I was expecting an abandoned tunnel that you could walk through. In actual fact the part that used to be the entrance has been covered up with a wooden cover and was still full of water. There is room to squeeze down into the tunnel on the side of the cover but if you had to get out quick (ie: water starts coming down the tunnel) it wouldn't be that great. If you walk on top of the aquaduct towards Windsor Lake about 100 ft up the path there is a large square cement block that covers another entrance. Another 100 ft or so up the trail there is another entrance that is only covered by a rusty sheet of metal with rocks on it. The aquaduct carries water from Windsor Lake to god knows where. Hopefully this isn't the actual water that the city uses for drinking water because the aquaduct doesn't look like the cleanest thing. Hopefully this summer there will be a dry enough time to actually get in the aquaduct and explore with drowning. While leaving the aquaduct I noticed a pipe sticking out of the ground across the road from where we parked. There is a metal hatch going down into what I assume is the control room for the lights that are along this road. Why else would it be out in the middle of nowhere? The is no lock on the hatch and can easily be opened. Do to that fact we were on a major road i didn't try getting in. Maybe next time.

covering of main entrance
first small entrance to aquaduct
second small entrance
utility hatch


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