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Places we've been:
Abandoned Hospital
Argentia Naval Base
Airport Heights Aquaduct
Bangor Water Works
Bauline Radar Tower
Bell Island Battery
Belvedere Orphanage
Brookfield Drive-In Theater
Cape Spear Bunker
Capitol Theatre
DND Transmitter site
Harmon AFB
Hiscock Way
Mcdonald's Restaraunt
Mt. Scio
MUN Utility Tunnels
NASA Tracking Station
Railway cars
Red Cliff Radar Station
Red Cliff Coastal Artillery Site
Red Cliff Dam
Storm Drains
White Hills Artillery Area
White Hills Cement Plant

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360 degree pictures:
Abandoned Hospital
Abandoned Orphanage
Red Cliff Radar Station (outside)
Red Cliff Radar Station (inside)

Disclaimer: We do not accept responsibility or think it's a good idea for anyone to enter any of these buildings do anything we talk about on this page.

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