Still Walkin'
The Journey Winds On.  My Journey Home.  To a Place and People I Only know in Dreams
Tracing my Footprints in the Land of the Dispossessed.   A Journeyed Shared.
The Journey

Still Walkin'
Uncertain Beginnings
Being a state Ward
Truth and Lies
Never Fitting In
Your Aboriginal
Love of Two Mothers
False Father

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This site shares with you the continuing journey in finding my way home.  Where is home?  I wish I truly knew, but I believe it to somewhere amongst the Dhungutti mob of the North Coast of New South Wales.  Some where, some place, there was a hole left vacant when I was removed.  It waits for my return.  Beckoning me to come home.  Its call is distant, at times lost in the sounds of the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.  Other times it's as clear as the moon on a crisp winters night.  Calling me to come,  come sit by its fire, saying, " this is where you belong, this is the place that has been lost to you for so long.  Lay down your weary bones, rest your head in my lap and I will tell you who you are, and what your dreaming is

Its a dream!

The creation of this site comes from a deep inner frustration of continually meeting dead ends in my search for family, tribe and culture, and in seeking my identity as an Aboriginal woman.  Being a member of the third generation of my Aboriginal family to have been taken and placed within the white mans world to assimilate has been a true learning journey.  It has been a long road, and the end is still nowhere in sight.

Im hoping not only to share my experiences with other brothers and sister still finding their way home, but Im kind of hoping that somone out there will read my story, see someone they know in my face and stake a claim. 

Im also hoping that people of non-Aboriginal heritage will gain a little insight into the continuing journies that many of us still face.  The the ripples in the pond, cast by the rock many years ago, are still waving toward the shore.

'Tis a long  journey of ebbs and flows.
'Tis a long journey home.

~ Margy ~
37 yrs
2 1/2 yrs
A State Ward 
4 yrs living with the Egans'
With my adopted sister.
15 yrs. 
Catholic girls school
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