*Please note that all the pictures on this page are taken from magazine and are not actually mine*

Adorable Leo

Is there any finer actor around?


Why am I doing this page?

Well I am a HUGE fan of Leonardo Dicaprio. He (to me) is the most talented actor I have seen. He acts with such an incredible reality he makes you think that he really is the character that he is playing. He is also one of the most hottest actors that I know. He has many fans and all these Web pages to prove it! So Why am I making another Leo page? Because in all of my net surfing I have never found some of my most favorite pictures of Leo that I have and I figured why not share them with whoever might come across this page! Since I got the Leonardo DiCaprio: Modern-Day Romeo book I decided to add some information about him but not a lot because on almost every page there is about him they all say the same thing. So I hope you enjoy my page I will update it regularly with new pictures that I find of him in magazines so be prepared to DROOL!



Here are some of Leo's favorite things:

Favorite Book: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Favorite Sports: Basketball & Baseball

Favorite Musician: Harry Connick, Jr.

Favorite Bands: Pink Floyd, The Beatles & Led Zeppelin

Favorite Actors: Robert De Niro (Leo's co-stared with him twice), Al Pacino & Jack Nicholson

Favorite Actress: Meg Ryan

Favorite T.V. show: The Twilight Zone

Favorite Vacation Place: Germany (Leo knows German, his grandparents live there)

Favorite Food: Pasta (Mine too!)

Favorite Drink: Lemonade

Favorite Colours: Black & Purple (Mine's purple)

Favorite Childhood Memory: Terrorizing his neighborhood with practical jokes

Favorite Cities: New York & San Francisco

Favorite Movies: All 3 Godfather movies

*You may have noticed that I wrote colours with a U. Yes I am Canadian


If you're any kind of Leo fan (which you should be if you found this page) you will already know this stuff, but if you don't this is for you:

Full Name: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

Birthdate: November 11, 1974 ( that's five days before mine only I wasn't born in '74)

Birthplace & where he lives now: Hollywood, California

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 140 pounds

Nicknames: Leo & The Noodle

Leo has never taken a formal acting class in his life! Can you believe it! It's all natural talent that he has!

* One thing that I read in the Leo book that I absolutely love about him is that it said for his habits "Twisting my hair and biting my nails".

Okay guys before you see the pictures I strongly suggest that you read this awesome Leo Dream that my friend Samantha keeps getting. It so cool! SO CHECK IT OUT!

Now what you've been waiting for...


*click on the pictures to see a bigger picture!

Well that is my Leo homepage I hope that you enjoyed it and those marvellous pictures of him! But when does he not look good?

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