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The infamous tag-line goes something like this : "Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is...you have to see it for yourself."... whilst sounding very promising, i can in fact disclose, here and now what the "Matrix" is : So read on to find out...

The Matrix is a computerised virtual world in which the Humans of the future have become imprisoned. It is a psuedo reality created through "brain-in-a-jar" esque mind stimulation. Brain waves are controlled in order to create a simulated reality, whilst the physical form is used as a kind of power supply for the Matrix....got that ??... good!! basically...everything is a fake reality, blah, blah...you get the idea!!!

The Matrix begins with Neo (Keanu Reeves) being contacted through his computer, by the shadowy character known only as Morpheus (played by Laurence Fishburne) . Morpheus holds the answer to the question..."what is the Matrix?". Suddenly, strange government agents begin appearing. They too are looking for Morpheus and believe Neo may be able to lead them to him. Neo is arrested at work and interrogated by the be-spectacled agents. Neo is then contacted by Trinity (Carrie Anne Moss) who discloses to Neo that he has been bugged by the agents and that they are trying to use Neo to capture Morpheus. Neo is then brought before Morpheus. He is given a choice, a "red-pill" or a "blue-pill" the truth...or ignorance...

From here on in, Neo must learn about the nature of the Matrix, define his reality, and face his destiny that will end with a fight to the death with the mysterious Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). The ensuing fights and events will determine whether Neo is indeed what Morpheus believes him to be : The One

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