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dropped by my crib since May 14/98

Coming soon. Pics of my Escort lowered, the 95' Sonoma I got for my girlfriend and my 97 Blaster.

A little about me
This is my friend Doug and I with our cars (I'm on the right). This was only a week after I bought my car so the only thing added at this point was an alarm. Dougs car is a 88' CRX and mine is a '94 Escort. Doug now drives a 91' VW Passat. I'm still driving the '94 Escort but have added to the look and sound. Check out my step fathers new '98 Ford F-150

Since I bought the car I added a Kenwood faceplate (KRC 860 tape deck), 2 12" Sony subs (XS-L300), a four channel Kenwood amp (KAC 742), headlight covers, and tinted the windows. That was in June of '96. In June of '98 I got a new amp. The amp is a Orion HCCA 425. When I got the amp installed I found out that the outputs on my deck where gone. So I went out and and bought a Kenwood Excelon CD player (KDC-PS709). What a nice deck. I enjoyed the sounds of this new deck for about a week. Then the added power shorted out the subs 5 times. Twice on the right and three times on the left. This was happening because the leads are only about 2" apart. Using a sub tester (on a bass CD) that a friend asked me to play (thanks D'arcy :) I fried the right sub. Damn those subs where moving. :) So I went out and bought a set of 12" Orion Xtreme 3 subs (XTR3 12SVC). I also added a set of Kenwood 6" mids and a set of tweets. For a different look I addded a set of 16" American Racing AR-133s. For rubber I slaped on a set of 205/45/16 Toyo Proxes FZ4s. What a tire.

To my daughter and grandmother I love you and miss you

My Quad...

A 97 Yamaha Blaster

Send your pictures to (with your name, car year and make, and a few lines about what is customized on you ride, and also the group you want your ride in) jcmiller1@hotmail.com If you add your car to my page I will put a link to your home page if you want (even if it's not about cars).

If you just have a comment, send it to jcmiller1@hotmail.com

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Last updated on March 21/99

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