My name is Robert Tkaczyk. I live in Poland (Europa).

City Suwalki is north-east corner of Poland with many lakes & forests.

VIN: 1B3BZ18E0GD131146

Chrysler Dodge Omni 2.2 GLH Turbo'86.
I'm 3 or 4 owner. I drive BMW Z3 (1.8) & Nissan Patrol GR (2.7 TD Intercooler) & many more, but this car is much better & faster :))). I love this car.

And this is a few shots of my car:

Cars from right to left: Polish Fiat 126P (650 ccm), my car (2200 ccm Turbo), Honda (1600 ccm or 1800 ccm), Fiat Cinquecento (700 ccm or 900 ccm), Audi 80 (1800 ccm or 2000 ccm), ???.
Goes Like Hell is very good definition. Much cars in Poland have 1200 ccm to 2000 ccm, because insurance & fuel cost is high (0.6 $ per liter). And they have below 100 HP.

More specs later ;) (when I get Techniacal Dictionary) If you want, mail to me

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