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Welcome to my world of baseball! This page is devoted to the Orioles' best: Brady Anderson, as well as his worthy teammates. On this page, you can find photographs captured through visits to Camden Yards and various autograph shows over the past few years. Enjoy looking around, and don't forget to sign my guestbook! This page is still under construction, so please keep stopping by as I continue to add all my pictures and autographs.

On August 30,1998, I met Brady Anderson and got his autograph on a bp baseball I acquired several years ago. I have been carrying this baseball to every game I have been to since. I am thrilled to finally have it autographed. I waited after the game on Sunday until finally, an hour and fifteen minutes later, Brady emerged from the clubhouse. This has happened to me once before, but I didn't get an autograph. Brady signed from his car, while his fans waited in (surprisingly) a line. I didn't think he'd sign that long, but he did...and I got my autograph! Now true, I had received one through the mail, but it's not as exciting as meeting the man in person and having him hand you the baseball back. I also got some pictures, which I have just put up. Click here to see them. To try something different, I took them in black and white. I've also scanned some great shots of Brady that I found in the Orioles program. They can be seen here.

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