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The Life And Times of Katie

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Hi! I'm Katie, but my mom calls me MonkeyHead. On February 8th of the year 2001, I turned ten years old. I live in California really close to the beach. I finished fourth grade in September. Last summmer I learned to do a back dive off the high board and I passed level 5 in swimming. I love school, Girl Scouts, N'SYNC, BSB, Britney Spears,Christina Aguilera, Shania Twain, Ricky Martin and whats left of The Spice Girls. I love cheerleading and I've even won first place in a competition.I used to perform with Sunshine Generation and take acting class. And finally, I like to play soccer. This year we came in second in our division: last year I was on the third place team. I loved my team this year. I wish we all went to the same school. For summer I'm playing arena soccer. It's kind of cool because you can bounce the ball off the wall. I have a zillion Barbies (well maybe 25 or so) and a couple of cars and houses and horses so my Barbies and Friends keep pretty busy. I also love all of the American Girl Dolls. I have Samantha and we have matching Tea Dresses, Brownie Uniforms and nightgowns. I have two brothers, Michael who was 6 in January and has really big feet and can count by 2's and 5's to 100, and Alex who was be 4 in April and is the cutest "big boy" on the planet. I have a few pictures of me and my brothers. Michael has his own page about all his dinosaurs.

The music playing is Adagio.

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I have a list of links to the rest of my site below. Some aren't active yet. If you hit a dead end just use the back button on your browser.

Girl Scout Trip - The Pilgrim(NEW!!)

Brownie Try-Its Match Game (NEW!!)

Katie Spice - My Spice Girl Page (NEW!!)

Spice-O-Licious Word Search Game (NEW!!)

I'm a Barbie Girl

Katie's Fairies and Friends Page

My Brownie Page

My American Girl Page

My School - 4th Grade

My Very Own Book And Music Store

My Portrait Gallery

Educational and Fun Software for Kids

Sunshine Generation

Mommy's Little Angels (coming soon)

My Brother Michael's Dino Land Page

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This is my first award. I'm so excited and I want to thank my Mommy for making my page and our Community Leader for recognizing her hard work.

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