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Intimate Journalism: personal, involving work from around the world.

Welcome! to the intimate journalism website.  This is a forum for your intimate, personal and autobiographical journalism.  Submit your work, and you'll see it published alongside writing and images from all over the world.

What is Intimate Journalism?

Traditional journalism focuses on politicians, monarchy, crime and sport. What it misses is the important things that happen to people like you and me, everyday. To read about the lives of 'ordinary' people, you have to go to the fiction section at the bookshop.

However, there are a number of journalists who devote their time to intimate journalism; who sometimes spend weeks living with their subjects,looking for the 'extraordinary in the ordinary.' US journalist and professor Walt Harrington is one, and his book Intimate Journalism - from which the title of this site is taken - is close to a bible for anyone interested in this form of writing.
At its best, intimate journalism has a special power - the power to bring the reader into the life of the subject, to start to understand what it is like to be them - much like the experience of reading a good novel.

But there isn't enough intimate journalism; that's why this site exists! So wherever you live, whatever you do, write about it, photograph it or draw it and you could publish it here.


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