Hello! Thanks for dropping by.
I would like to begin by introducing myself
and allowing you to know a bit about me and my family.

My name is Tenna. My husband Terry, and I have been married
for 26 years this past November 6th. We have one son, Wes,
who attends college. We are exceptionally proud of him,
his past accomplishments and his goals for the future.

Wes has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology
and is currently attending AU's School of Pharmacy. He plans
to attain his Pharmaceutical Degree and is pursuing interests in the field of
Pharmacy Information Systems, or Informatics as it is more commonly known.
To learn more about him or any of his varied interests, you can visit
his site by clicking on this link. You may also want to visit
the Auburn University website by clicking on the link below.
W A R ~ E A G L E !

We live in a small rural community of West Central Alabama,
just a mile or so west of the Alabama River, near the
William B. Dannelly Reservoir at Millers Ferry Lock & Dam.
It is one of the most beautiful areas in the state,
abundant in natural resources Wilcox County offers
some of the best hunting and fishing in the South.
But you don't have to take my word for it,
come on down and see for yourself...

I started traveling "semi full-time" with my husband in May of 1998,
then in the Spring of 2000, I took the plunge, enrolled in a reputable
Truck Driving School and acquired my CDL (Commercial Drivers License).

Truckdrivers like us are affectionately known within the industry,
as "Chicken Haulers", or Rooster Cruisers if you're lucky enough to
have a nice ride with lots of chrome, lights and a big motor.

We drive OTR (Over-the-Road) as Team Drivers and transport refrigerated
commodities generally from the Southeast to the West Coast and back.
Since our main product line tends to be seasonal, our primary traffic
lanes are always subject to change without notice, dependent upon
Mother Nature for the most part.

We usually haul chicken, tomatoes or citrus to various parts of
California and then haul broccoli, carrots, lettuce, berries or
other fruit and/or citrus back to Alabama, Georgia or Florida.

Occasionally, we do have to venture into the Great Northwest
then we'll haul apples, pears and/or cherry's back from Oregon and
Washington or sometimes we'll get a load of potatoes out of Idaho.
We rarely run the Central U.S. or the Eastern Seaboard anymore.
We like to make sure there's plenty of freight to go around. ;)

The image above was a joint effort on behalf of myself and my CyberSista, Sharon, aka SeaEast. Sharon has been drawing truck graphics for several months now but this was her first attempt at a Peterbilt. When she finished the basic line drawing of the truck, I then added the details and spec'd it out much like one we use to drive. For additional info please send email to Truck Graphics

Thanks Sharon, for all your time and effort. I luv ya' girl!

Speaking of chicken... Why don't ya' just cluck on down to
The best chicken-outfit 'round these parts?
You'll find recipes for chicken, chicken and more chicken!
While you're there, you can post some of your favorites too.
And since nobody likes to eat alone, please bring a friend.

I like to read whenever I get the chance and I do so as often as I can.
I try to keep up with everything that's going on in the trucking industry
in my continuing effort of self-education and simply to stay apprised.

In doing so, needless to say, sometimes my dander gets ruffled
thanks to the activists and the media (whom I'm sure only a
mother could love), but there's also plenty of good/positive
information in the publications. Those are the articles I seek out
and enjoy most because as with any other profession or people,
the Trucking Industry and Trucker's are not all bad apples.
That is in fact the exception rather than the rule!

I have had the pleasure of seeing many beautiful
parts of our country over the past 20 odd years.
All of which would not have been possible had it not been
for my husband's undying love of the open road.
I have taken photos and collected postcards throughout
the course of our life's journey and hopefully I will soon
be able to post them here for your visual pleasure.

I enjoy my time at home more now than ever and spend
what little leisure I have with family and local friends,
gardening (if anything is still living when I come in),
surfing the net and meeting new friends online.

I have many things that I would like to share with you
about my family and our life on America's highways.
In so much as time is a premium, I can only devote a small
allotment at present. If you would like to send comments, ideas
or suggestions,(constructive rather than malicious please)
drop me a line by clicking on the link below.


Click for Catherine, Alabama Forecast

Pictures from the Road

  • Multnomah Falls, Oregon
  • Texas Canyon, Arizona

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  • Alabama's State Flower
  • Alabama Newspapers Online

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    My Tribute to the
    American Bull Hauler's Assn.

    I hope you took time to check out the links above.
    I'll be adding more in the future.
    Come back and visit again sometime. Won't ya' please?


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