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Welcome to our dog house. There are lots of things to do here. If you like pictures and would like to get to know us, read on. Rudy is the oldest, he's in charge. Twister is the middle dog, and Nikki is the baby. Come on in and make yourselves at home. Just remember to leave us some treats!
We are always adding new pages and pics. Make sure you stop in and check them out.

This is Rudy hard at work in the office. He's adding new pages and pictures all the time so be sure to stop back again.

Ahhh, we love lounging in the backyard!

This is our baby sister Nikki. She's getting bigger and bigger each day.

Here's Rudy and one of his favorite past times. He's not allowed to have woobies anymore. Read Rudedog's Corner to find out why. He will show you lots of his puppy pictures!

This is Twister and Nikki. They hit it off right away. Actually, I would have to say they are best buds. Don't feel bad for Rudy, he loves his independence. Check out Twister's Nut House and read why he is such a nut! And when you're finished there, Nikki has a few things to say.

Well, she usually does when she's not sleeping. If you go to Nikki's Palace I bet she will tell you what's on her mind.

Come read about us and learn what makes us so darn lovable!

Rudedog's Corner
Nikki's Palace
Twister's Nut House
Driftwood's Golden Retrievers Presents
Heaven On Earth
A Golden Christmas
You Can Be A Hero
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Acme Pet
Golden Retriever Club of America
Golden Retrievers In Cyberspace
Rainbow Bridge
Leilah Laughs
Canine Cancer...In Memory of Nicholas
The Haven - Friends For Life

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