Updated 9/13/2003!!

Welcome to Hopegiver and DancingWolfe's Closet!

The update is finally here! Thank you to all of our family and friends. Your support of our efforts makes keeping this site updated a worthwhile task. Since the last update, Dancing Wolfe and I have both graduated from the university with Bachelor's degrees. Hers is in History, and mine is in Psychology. Our son is now three years old and is growing, learning, and making us very proud parents indeed. Lots of pictures have been added, some of Demitri, some of us, and a new section of family pictures. Something that we have both become involved in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card game. Based on the popular cartoon, this card game offers a challenging setting for a battle of strategies using monster, magic and trap cards.Look for our featured link in the links section and check it out for more information. Now see the news section and see what all has been updated.-(HG)

Here we like to share some of the things we find interesting, both personal and from across the web. We are always interested in your opinion so please stop in to sign the Guestbook or feel free to drop us an e-mail and tell us what you (really think). Music, poetry and entertainment are just a few of the themes you will find here. Enjoy!!

**Please note: Our logos, drawings, and personal writings, including stories and poetry, are copyrighted to us and should not be borrowed or reprinted anywhere without our express written permission. **

We are from the great state of Texas
(Just a little proud of that too you might say.)

We have decided to began the content list with the latest news.
That way all of our visitors will know exactly what was updated most recently and what's in the works.


-Intro message updated.
-A new quote appears after the main content list!
-The Hosts page had been updated!
-Pictures added to Demitri's Pages! + Kids Links!
-4 New Book Reviews!
New Family Picture Archive!
-A new Featured Link! + New Music links!
-An archived Star Wars quotes page!

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Awards (I am proud to display these awards that reflect the hard work done here.)

Accolades (An important page on our website.)

Demitri's Pages(Updated 9/13/03!)

Family Picture Archive(NEW 9/13/03!)

Book Review Archive (Updated! -9/13/03-)

Pixie's Place! (Please stop by, she likes visitors!)

Luna's Lynx! (Please check out our Featured Link Updated --9/13/03-)

That's Life! (Updated! 5/19/99)

Poetic Essence (Updated! New Poem in Section I - 4/07/01!!)

Fictional Endevours (Last Updated -11/4/98)

Just the Facts! (About Your Closet Hosts) (Updated -09/13/03)

Star Wars Quotes(Some of our favortie quotes from the entire saga)(NEW 9/13/03)

Wolf Spirit (NEW Page! As of 9/4/99. This is a spiritual place dedicated to wolves everywhere!)

Between The Candle and the Star (Still in Progress!)

Hopegiver's Tribute to
{{This section updated 2/18/00!!}}

The Cure(Another tribute page from HG, - Coming Very Soon!)

Here we like to showcase our favorite quotes from the simple to the deeply profound.

"I am not young enough to know everything." - Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Please come back soon and visit us.(Remember to check the NEWS section and dates listed for the most recent updates)
We'd like to hear any questions or suggestions about our homepage, so until next time, please sign our guestbook, Thanks! Let us know you were here ... (Or see who else has stopped by the Closet!)

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