This page is dedicated to the most beautiful car ever made; the Second Generation Camaro. It includes pictures, links, a "brief" history of the Camaro in general, rants about the downfalls of Ford, and other things soon to come. It will also include stereo applications because no true musclecar is complete without the ever essential road tunes....

She may not have the body of a Z28, but by god she has the heart of one...The motor is donated from a 1981 Z28,giving me a 350 smallblock with an automatic transmission. It also has the Z28 racing gears in it which makes for some fun races. Though the only drawback of the car is that it has a high speed rear-end. Which powers off the line but, I guess makes up for it in the long run. The car is well accented with black leather interior (all factory) and all that is wrong is a small tear on the backrest (owed to sitting on the leather in the winter). Of course there is the stereo. Mine consists of a Pioneer CD player (DEH-635) running two pioneer 4-way 6"x9"s in the rear deck,two pioneer 3-way 6 1/2's on the floor by the drivers & passengers seats, and two Alpine tweeters in the roof off of two Alpine crossovers. The bass signal passes through a Pioneer EQ, to a Pioneer subwoofer crossover, to a Kicker amplifier (ZR1000). The amp pushes some major wattage (1000 Pulse Pounders) into two 15 inch Kicker Solo Baric's running at about 750 watts RMS apiece (1200 MAX), Sweet colon shaking bass...oh yeah....

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