The above picture is of me and my daughter on Father's Day of '99. She was born May 14, 1999. She is about to be 2 years old. She's my lil' pride and joy. I wouldn't trade her for nothin' in the world. This next picture is of her and my moms Golden retreiver.Ain't they both so cute???

Here's a picture of me (I know I ain't all that good lookin' but hey).

A lil' about me now (I know my life ain't all that spiffy, but it's a life, and I enjoy it). I used to Rodeo until I took a year off and ended up havin' my lil' rug rat. I have some Native American in me (I know it don't look like it with the blonde hair and blue eyes, but hey). I have Cherokee in me, and I am very proud of my herritage. And if you can't tell by my background and the images up by the first picture, I am very partial to the wolf. To me a wolf is a guardian, and watchs over the people who believe in them. Alot of people say that their howl is errie and lonely, but to me... it is a song of joy and happiness, and it sounds beautiful. I guess that is the Cherokee comin' out in me.

A real big thanks to my friend Tandy who got this page started for me..... THANK YOU TANDY!!!!!!

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