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This is a new design for Kitty Kat's Palace as you may know if you are a returning visitor. I decided (along with the help of the cats) to redo this page from a different point of view. As you may know if you've been here before. This site was in the view of the cats. I have deicded to change that and make it in the view of me. Altough I think the main page is just about the only thing with my view on it. Of course Aganist Animal Abuse and My cat's are also parts of my views. But cat journals and awards are still the cats! I'm trying to make this webpage into something that everyone likes. In order to do this, I need YOU'RE input on it! So please email us with what you think of this page. We're not one of those webpages where we read you're email then move it to a folder or delete it or write back with a pretyped message saying: Thanks for you're time on writing us a letter..etc. We will actually write back. We love to get mail!


Cat Information-Here is some cat information. My Cats-A description of my cats.
Cat's Journal-This is where the cats write down their thoughts.. Links To Cat Sites-Here are some links to cat sites.Please link to me by using the banner on the page

Links To Non-Cat Sites-Here are some links to non-cat sites.

Cat's House-Here is are vitual house.Won't You Come in for a while?
Our family is aganist abuse-Please come here and take some buttons.Please STOP the abuse.
Our Awards-Here are some awards that I've won.We're very greatfull fur all of them. Win My Award-Come and win my award and you will be posted on the winners page!
Graphics-Some graphics I've made..
Webrings-Here are some webrings I've joined,come take a look! Cat Pictures-Here are some Pictures of us!Please come and take a look!.

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