Updated Nov. 27,1999

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Welcome to R2Hounds

   This is a page dedicated to our two        Basset Hounds

These are hand drawn pictures of our dogs. With charcoal & graphite. They are 18" x 24" We framed them.

Sir Dudley Smooch Hound

Lady Penelope Hunnie Hound

We are the proud owners of two beautiful Tri-colored Basset Hounds.

Hope you will take the time to see our site.

We are trying to start a photo gallery. If you would like to post your dog in our all dogs gallery, please e-mail us a picture of them. We would like it to be about 50k, please no bigger. We will put them in as fast as we can. Please include your name and dogs name, and state.   Thank you

Please sign our Guest book so we know you were here. Thank you

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