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From the desk of President Frank Letters
World Wide Fantasy Wrestling is a brand new e-fed. This is for the enjoyment and recreation of fans of professional wrestling. Our goal, as the suits is to make this a fun experience for everyone. There will be no, and I repeat no, advertising for other feds, unless cleared by Frank Letters. Keep in mind this is for fun, and the front office has the right to remove you from this federation if problems persist.

The WWFW Presents the April PPV Gone Postal!...4/18/99 PPV
From the office of President Frank Letters
Email The Pres Or Icq me at 3728819

Updated: 04/20/1999 Latest News: Frank Letters has taken over, and has succeeded in signing some big superstars. Read the PPV to find out all the details!

Destructo is the new world champion!

Updated! (04/20/1999)
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April WWFW Tour
Sunday, April 18th, the WWFW returns to the Molson Center in Montreal Canada, Frank Letters presents Gone Postal!
4 men, 1 cage, 1 belt. Order now!

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