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I would like to give a special thank you to for the
suggestion and tutoring you gave me, and for the work you preformed
on the photos and graphics. Without you, I wouldn't have come this
far. Smiles and tips my hat to you

My page will cover areas that are very dear to me. My Celtic
heritage, my family, my special chat friends, and the Vietnam
and Persian Gulf Wars.

Please feel free to stop back and see how the pages are progressing.
I would also appreciate comments and feed back on Celtic information found here, also would consider putting up celtic information anyone
would like to send to me.

I would like to thank a very special person of Scottish descent, who introduced me to my Celtic heritage. You have opened up a whole new
world for me. My first introduction to Celtic music was the "Sons of Somerled" cd by Steve McDonald. The words and music are very moving
and touched my heart. Thank you Steve for your beautiful and heart
moving music. Keep up the good work and keep the songs coming.



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