And their debut release on NKD Records....

Just when you thought real Rock-N-Roll had taken it' last breath and couldn't be found anywhere.... along comes Nine24 with their (hardly a) "concept" album. Welcome to the party.... gimme your five bucks and that's the way to the keg....

Five Bucks A Cup is a huge party and you're invited. Sit back. listen top the band play the best (and near the only) good-time rock and roll that's left. Drink it up boys and girls!!

Nine24 has been around the Chicago rock scene for ages... and no wonder they've been one of the few able to sustain. Live shows with huge hints of David Lee Roth-era Van Halen, AC/DC, and even a Prince cover tune thrown in for good measure... it just maintains the belief that people DO enjoy rock and DO still want to have fun. Do you think these guys look like they're having fun?


Here's what they sound like having fun....

Look out.... I have two soundfiles of "Bedtime Stories", a short one and a longer one (that may take awhile to download). This is to give you a better idea of what the songs sound like. There's also a nice new nifty endorsement of the band from a very honest and unbiased source. Also, check out their Offical Page for some Quicktime sound samples.

Moves by Nine24.

Bedtime by Nine24.

Bedtime by Nine24.

An Honest Opinion..... about the band.

Crazy by Nine24.

Who is that masked man??

News?? Check out the offical Nine24 page... really cool!! Lots of info and some Quicktime sound files... info on Merchandise.... lots!

Also.... Perris Records is now carrying the "Five Bucks a Cup" cd....

For more info, call their info line at
1-888-SEX-W924 (or 1-888-739-9924)
or send a SASE (that's a self-addressed, stamped envalope for you non-fan club lingo-ers out there)to:
The Red Cup Club
P.O. Box 535
Mount Prospect, IL, 60056.
You can also check out their "offical" web site with NKD Records at

WARNING- This page should not be viewed by pregnant women, the weak of heart, anyone who likes grunge, loosers, yuppies, rednecks, or anyone under legal age. For your protection, all band members should be taken orally.

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