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Hi there! This is my page for my own ER fanfiction stories. I started writing for Doug and Carol and most of my stories involve them. However, there are a few storylines about the other characters mixed in here and there. I have also started a story for Benton and Corday which I will post to this page. I hope to add more soon so please check back. Also, if you have a fanfiction site or know of a good one please let me know so I can add it to my links page. Thanks! Feedback is welcomed! And remember, all of the characters from ER belong to NBC, Warner Bros, Amblin entertainment and so on. No profit is made from these stories and no infringement is intended. Please send all comments to

Rated PG, some emotional storylines and references to sexual situations but nothing beyond that

This story started as a continuation of the season 3 finale, One More For The Road. It was just going to be about Doug and Carol and only going to be about 15 pages long. Now, forty-four installments later, it seems to be never-ending. I've incorporated other storylines along the way, including more than just Doug and Carol in this saga. However, they are still the heart of this story, as they always have been. I don't write as frequently as I used to for this series but I am definitely not stopping. For all the trials and tribulations I have put this couple through so far, there is more to come. So, stick around and see what happens! :)

  1. After The Kiss                                                  

  2. Courtship                                                            

  3. Return To Sender

  4. All Hallows Eve

  5. Saints and Sinners    Part 2

  6. A Change in the Weather

  7. The Warmth of Winter    Part 2

  8. Souvenir

  9. Shadows and Light    Part 2

  10. Family Dinner

  11. Between Friends

  12. Blue Christmas

  13. Tis the Season

  14. The Main Event

  15. Beginnings

  16. Tell The Truth

  17. At First Sight

  18. Heart's Desire

  19. Flutters

  20. The Waiting Game

  21. Tears In Heaven    Part 2

  22. Since I Lost You

  23. Learning To Cope     Part 2

  24. Sisters and Other Friends    Part 2

  25. By Dawn's Early Light

  26. Each Other's Arms

  27. The Big Date

  28. The Parent Trap    Part 2

  29. Shelter    Part 2

  30. Surprises

  31. And the Angels Sing

  32. When Love Finds You

  33. Calm Before the Storm    Part 2

  34. The Rising Morning    Part 2

  35. Daybreak    Part 2

  36. My Silent Heart

  37. Rain of Absolution    Part 2

  38. Hearts and Thoughts    Part 2    Part 3

  39. To Have and To Hold

  40. Things Yet To Come    Part 2

  41. A Secret Deep

  42. Lost In Love    Part 2    Part 3

  43. One Hundred Tears Away   Part 2

  44. Help Me Fall 

**Warning** Includes content that may not be suitable for some readers. Rated PG-13

This story starts where the season four episode "Sharp Relief" left off. In case you missed it, in the episode Carol is going on her paramedic ride-along with Greg Powell and his partner. Meanwhile, Doug has planned for them to meet that night and he's going to ask Carol if she wants to go ahead and get married at midnight that night. He spends all day planning, she spends the day with Powell. In the field, Powell and Carol encounter another rape victim (several had come into the ER in previous episodes) and end up talking on the roof of the woman's building afterwards. He talks about his mother's suicide, Carol talks about how she once tried to kill herself, too. Things go too far and she lets him kiss her. Then, when she finally comes home, Doug is waiting. She tells him about the kiss and he storms out. That's where the story picks up.

Author's note: In the episodes that followed "Sharp Relief" Doug and Carol worked things out in a much less dramatic way than I do here. This is just something I wrote right after the episode aired. Please forgive all of the obvious inconsistencies with later storylines.

Rated PG

This is a story I wrote for a fanfiction project in June, 1998. Originally, the story was supposed to continue with the other people involved writing more installments but it never happened so I thought I'd post my part here as a single story. It can be read as a stand-alone story so it shouldn't be confusing not to read the others. Basically this story starts after the season 4 finale, "A Hole In the Heart". In the stories before this, Doug and Carol were both suspended for treating baby Josh in the ER with approval. They decide to spend the time they will be away from the hospital on a trip across country. In this story, they visit Memphis, Tennessee and Graceland.

Walking In Memphis part 1

Walking In Memphis part 2

Rated PG

This story involves Peter Benton and Elizabeth Corday. I am not sure where I am headed with this right now but sooner or later I plan to figure that out and finish it. For now, I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Author's Note: This story takes place near the beginning of season 4 when Peter and Elizabeth had yet to become a couple and Elizabeth was still under the supervision of Rocket Romano.

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