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Welcome to my page dedicated to possibly the best RPG game series ever created. Quest for Glory. I am still constructing this page so be patient please and I'll have links and stuff for the QFG games. Thank you 'Enry the 'Ermit
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Last Updated 4-5-97!

Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero

Old version: Type razzle dazzle root beer and use the alt key and some other keys like K and B and I and you can make yourself pretty awesome!
New Version: Go to the fairy ring and get lots of mushrooms, then go to the healer and sell them and eventually she'll say she doesn't need anymore now, but she keeps paying you.

I think this one works on both versions: Get alot of flowers from Erana's Peace, then go to the healer's and drop all of them except 1. Then sell the flower to her and she'll pay you 5 silvers for 1 flower. Then pick up another one and keep doing it.

Quest for Glory II: "Trial By Fire"
Type "suck blue frogs" and use the same keys as you did in the old version of QFG1 and you can do the same things.

Quest for Glory III: "Wages of War"
Bargain the meat dealer in the market down to 1c for meat and buy as much as you can carry, then give it all to the thief in the market at night. Watch your honour sky-rocket!

Quest for Glory IV: "Shadows of Darkness" Thieves, after you crack the safes in the Thieve's Guild, keep cracking them and it'll say you have already cracked the safe, but keep doing it and your lock-picking will max out after a while. To get alot of honour, get alot of flowers from Erana's Staff area, and keep giving them to the Rusalka and it'll give you alot of honour.
Meet the Chief Thief in Mordavia!

Quest for Glory III Walkthrough

Quest for Glory IV Walkthrough

Now for the Ultimate Cheat I Know

    1. Make a fighter in QFG-1
    2. Work all his or her skills up to the max possible, (or cheat)
    3. Beat game and import to QFG-2
    4. Complete all the paladin quests
    5. Work all your skills up to 200 (except thief and magic skills). Use your two wishes for throwing and communication.
    6. Become a Paladin.
    7. Import to QFG-3
    8. Work up all skills EXCEPT magic. Beat the game.
    9. Import to QFG4. Since you didn't work up your magic, a glitch takes away your honour shield but gives you all magic spells PLUS your open spell will be around 18000-32000!:)

QFG Link Page

Characters that I have created

    To use these characters, click on the link and then when it comes up, save it to a file on your computer, then rename the file from a .txt to a .sav..

Sleepstealer: Master thief, has magical abilities too!

Download Sleepstealer

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Some of the material on this page is copyright 1997, Sierra On-Line, used with their permission!

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