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Name: Touga Kiryuu Birthdate: June 4th
Birthplace: Japan
Sign: Gemini
Age: 17
Bloodtype: A
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Talent: Duel
Love: Utena Tenjou
Loved By: Utena, Nanami, and almost every girl in school
Occupation: Student at Ohotori Academy (President of the Student TougaCouncil)
Appearance: Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Original Character Design: Chiho Saito
His voice is done by: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese); Crispin Freeman (English)

Touga's looking at the duels from the sky castleTouga is a playboy. He's always surrounded by the girls in school and likes to flirt with girls (and girls like to flirt with him also). When Touga first met Utena, he falls in love with her, and he said to Utena that he might be her prince who she always thinks about. Touga's very ambitious and egoistic. But even so, Touga still has his good side. He always protects Nanami (his younger sister) when there's danger. Every member in the Student Council has a ring with a rose seal, they said the ring is from The End of the World. They are always having duels. The winner of the duel may have the honor for taking the Rose Bride (Anthy Himemiya) with him/her.

Touga tries to kiss Utena

Anthy, Touga and Utena

Saionji and Touga

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