Woe is me! I haven't worked on this site in like...2 years o.O; And the crappiness of this place amazes me. Once I actually take time out of my day and away from my other site, this place is getting remodeled, and then I'll be happy to leave it alone ^_~ I actually changed some stuff today! *gasp* I changed the background to a lighter version since the other one clashed too much...I took down the Adoptions and Polls sections, since the images and polls were messed up and such...I took out the ranking image that used to be on the bottom since that site's been down for a long time, now...I put a link to the Music gallery on the main page...and I went through all the galleries and edited the names at the top. Hardly anything, but the mixing of dub and sub that I used to do back in '97-'99 irritates me today oO; (10/27/02)

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