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Hi, everyone, welcome to my webpage!

This page is meant to be home to my Ranma fanfiction - I've been spending too much time encroaching on other people's disk space, and I felt it was about time to learn some HTML and construct my own page.

I've been a fan of Ranma for only a few months, but from the day I watched my first episode, I was hooked. I discovered a treasure trove of fanfiction on the Web, and first began writing my own just last June and posting it to the Fan Fiction Mailing List. The FFML is a great place to post fics - people always take the time to comment and help you polish your material. And it's a great source of new fanfics for leisure reading..

Anyways, I'm digressing!

Aside from my fanfiction, I've also decided to place some links to my favorite Ranma fanfiction and image galleries on the web and a few other stuff - just in case you want to check them out. Hope you enjoy going through my page!

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CBear's Ranma Fanfiction

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This webpage was created by CBear and has been splashed times since July 16, 1997.

Over the Counter was chosen as one of the Best One-shot Fics of January, 1998! Many thanks to all who voted for it.

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