Hecate's Netherregions

Welcome to My--I Mean, Hecate's Netherregions!

Ya know what guys? I'm bored. REALLY bored. AND tired, AND Punchy AND getting Felt Up. Aptly Titled Page, No? ;) Oh I'm just Kidding to all of you Wussies Crying out There over Reference to Sex. I Need to Update in Here. Badly. And I shall; I have huge Revamps in Mind but I'm currently Battling a certain Evil known as a Transparent Gif. Everyone please clap your Hands and Think Happy thoughts so I can Fly! Oh Wait. I could Do that Anyway. And I'm not a Pixie. Whups. Guess Even the Devine Need sleep Occasionally, Huh?

For those of You Sweet Enough to Keep coming Back here, You get a great Big MWAH! For Those of You who have Given Up on Me: Sleep Tight tonight, my Dears. I have Wonderful Things in Mind With Morpheus. >;) ANYWAY! UPDATES TO COME SOON! We hope.

Hmm. I KNOW I went a little Nuts with the Cute little Gargole Bars...

Get Ready for Fright Night.

New Stuff! --19th January, 2001! That's right folks! An UPDATE!

Seeking the Written word? How about a Badly butchered Version of English? Look here.

Want to see an obscure joke rendered in Lead and Ink, drawn By, For, and About Myself and Others? Slap That little twinkle over there!

Come to the CrossRoads to see everything Else! It's one of my favorite lurking spots.. Anything that'll Lead outta this Place.

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Heh. I accidentally deleted my GuestBook. I are smart.

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