Edited Clip...MUST WATCH!
Dead Skin Mask
Steven's Kick A$$ Solo
Kill Em All
more puppets.
One more time around!
Behind the scenes.
More Behind....
More Behind....
More Behind....
Dead Skin mask
Dead Skin mask (more)
More Dead Skin mask
one more time around SOLO!!!
Welcome to my site. A place to kill some time if your EXTREMELY bored. The files above are of from Army Of Darkness, which is currently tryin to get somethin back together after a short 1 month career. This summer we hope to get some originals happenin along with some new covers and hopefully in the near future throw out a CD. But thats long away... Anyways check out the Files above.....(you need Real Player...if you dont have it go out and get it) Try here.... Not a pretty site but hey who cares? Ive got Dimebag on the cover! Hell Yea! Cowboys from Hell!! Wanna make this a more pleasurable experience??? USE THIS FONT

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