Welcome to the re-designed Stoneriver Farm Website. I have Himmie American Cavy "Gewalt" and Elli is my German Shepherd Dog, who is very nearly perfect and will do anything I teach her. Their lynx are full of recipes, tutorials, articles, and pix of the critters. More tutorials coming soon, as well as health care articles!

the Menu: 1999

Gewalt's Cavy Zone

- projects for fanciers, Top 'O The Cavy graphics, and recipes to tickle your cavy's palette

Elli's Doggie Depot

- Finally! Instructions to make PVC crates, flyball jumps, cookies, treats, and tutorials.

Jedi's Arts

- Jedi the Scottish Blackface Ram's wool is great for dog toys, and all kinds of stuff! Sheep care lynx and more on the Jedi himself. (Link not yet active)

My other Page

- the Mid-Atlantic Quarter Horse Association

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