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Welcome All Researchers

My Name is Cindy

This page is about my Mother's side
of the family

It will start with my Grandfather

Antonio Almeida

He immigrated to America from

Aqua Pau , Sao Miquel, Azores

in 1904, settled in Bristol, RI

He Fathered 22 Children and as

of this year

He has more than 300 Grandchildren

Antonio's Baptism Record

Agau de Pau

Thanks Pierre For the Great Picture

This is EMILY she
guards over my over my web site
"He will give
His Angels charge over
you To guard you
in all your ways"
Psalm 91:11


Adams, Allen, Almeida,
Antigano, Axtell,
Beahon, Bradley, Burnette,
Carrera,Carvalho, Celone, Collins,
D' Almeida, Dunbar,
Falco, Falcoa,
Garner, Gomez,
Matrone, Mederios, Mehy,
Nason, Nappi, Nunes,
Parker, Pimental, Putt,
Securo, Sentell,
Smith, Sousa, Soares,

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