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Metal Detecting Page
A Couple of favorites: Massachsetts silver & an eagle button
Hi, my name is Gary West and welcome to my homepage. This page is dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting. I live on the DelMarVa penninsula which consists of three states as the name suggests. Delaware,Maryland and Virginia. This area is also known as the Eastern Shore. When I began detecting in 1990 I had no idea of the age and history of the shore. Well, i'm not going to tell a long story. Lets just say I started out hunting schools and finding mercury dimes and the like. Then, through the years I developed my research technique and my interests. Gradually, finding colonial coins and relics became my main obsession in metal detecting. In this page i'll display some of my finds here on the shore. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy. By the way I call myself Silversniffer since silver is my metal of choice.....SPANISH SILVER!
Stone Tools
Some of my better spanish silver
Civil War Era
Cobbs !!!
1673 Map Of Area
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